Dedicated to low-cost open sourced experimental aircraft cockpit solutions that are not low-functioning.  


Thus far, the only (known) actual use of the Airduino has been in a stationary kid's ride at SIUC.  In order to get the software code dialed in, we need flight data.  The picture above shows an RV-4 that I was able to acquire in the condition shown.  I am hoping to have the aircraft back in the air soon, and begin flying Airduinos.  As I gather flight time, I should be able to do a lot of dialing things in.


Unfortuately, putting an airplane like this back in the air is a huge job.  I am estimating that it will take 500 hours plus - but the process is moving along nicely.  For the latest, vist my RV blog - which began with an RV6, but has switched to the RV4 shown above.  http://donsplans.com/RV6/


After we get the aircraft in the air, I suspect we will need to write our own AHRS sensor fusion code before we really get the Airduino dialed in enough to be practically useful.  We may also need to add a GPS chip to the mix for crosschecking - but that isn't a problem.  We still have one more UART open on the Airduino.