Dedicated to low-cost open sourced experimental aircraft cockpit solutions that are not low-functioning.  



TheOpenCockpit is a web site created to host open source avionics for experimental aircraft.  It is my hope that others will join in on some of these projects and help to make them into viable solutions that will both improve Experimental Aircraft avionics while decreasing their cost.


Our goal is to use existing off-the-shelf electronic components and sensors.  Any and all avionics contained on this web site must be considered highly experimental in nature, and should not be relied upon in applications where their failure could result in loss of life.  (I.E. don't use these in IMC.)  Should any of the projects listed here become tested to the pojnt that we no longer feel this warning is necessary, we will change this text.



The ultimate goal of this web site is to insipre innovation, foster cooperation, and reduce the cost of quality Experimental Avionics.